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Bored and wasting time lurking around the site?  Or did you read something you didn’t like and want to write it off as nonsense by checking out who I am and what beliefs I have, so that you can discard whatever offensive thing I wrote as being clearly wrong?

Read on!

I am a practicing evangelical Christian.

I am a husband and a father.

I make my living as a full-time photographer and a photography teacher in evening classes.

My three main interests are:

1) Film (and filmmaking)

2) Biblical and Ancient Near East History, Research, and Theology

3) Science


Yikes, that’s not enough to get a handle on someone’s beliefs from.  Uh, here…this is probably more what you’re looking for!

An evangelical Christian holds to three precepts, according to Jack Rogers:

“I would define an evangelical theologically as someone who accepts three propositions: (1) People can and should have a personal relationship with God through trust in Jesus Christ. (2) The Bible is the final authority for salvation and living the Christian life. (3) God’s grace in Jesus Christ is such good news that everyone should hear about it. If you add something to these affirmations, you are becoming denominational or fundamentalist. If you take away one of these affirmations, you could still be a Christian, but you would not be an evangelical.”

Rogers, Jack (2010-11-05). Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality (Kindle Locations 404-407). Westminster John Knox Press. Kindle Edition.

I would agree and affirm the definition above and my adherence to it.

Scientific methodology is more difficult to define, but in essence includes:

Acquisition and progress of the known and knowable universe through the testing and discarding of falsifiable theories.  Those falsifiable theories that remain standing after having been exposed to and challenged by direct attempts to disprove them, can be taken as core truths or facts, albeit temporarily.  Over time, some of these core truths and facts will be exposed to new tests attempting to disprove them due to both new technology and new information.  Some of these core truths will thus be modified or discarded even though for a period they resisted falsification and were thus accepted by the scientific community as unquestionable facts.

An example of this would be Galileo, who discovered that the Earth moves around the Sun, not the Sun around the Earth.  However, he proposed it as the Sun being stationary and the Earth moving around it.  Galileo was wrong about the Sun being stationary—it makes its own path around the galaxy—but his partial right-ness—which was later changed and modified, led to the discovery of the Sun moving around the galaxy, and history correctly treats Galileo as being right.

I would agree and affirm that any facts that emerge from the above scientific methodology are, at least temporarily, unquestionable facts, and that willful antagonism against them takes us away from truth and progress, and is a move in the wrong direction.  Stated again, ‘anti-science’ thoughts and positions are moves in the wrong direction and will only hurt humanity, the world, and any social groups that hold to them.

I would also state that I view scientific methodology, including its tortuous roads of ‘temporarily unquestionable facts’, as lyrical poetry on the highest order.  I cried when the 5σ was reported at Cern.  I think Bill Gates’ methodology of donating to charities and research that have falsifiable goals and demonstrate success—rather than to charities with ‘good ideas and good hearts’ is a genius and long overdue application of scientific methodology to improving the world.  What little donations I do, I give to agencies and charities that scientifically demonstrate results and progress, not ones that bear ‘Christian’ in their titles or mantras.

I love scientific methodology and have and will discard many theories I have of the world when its rigid application tells me to.

Hopefully that gives you enough to discount anything you read on this site if you disagree with any of my biases.:)